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Modular Mezzanines & Machinery Platforms

Modular Mezzanine Machinery Platform

Equipto leads the industry in Modular Mezzanines. Turn unused air space into additional work orMezzanines, Mezzanine, Equipto, Mezzanine System storage space with a free-standing mezzanine or with a high-rise shelving-supported mezzanine. These units make ideal machinery platforms, and are precision engineered for easy assembly and can be easily reconfigured when floor plan changes are necessary. Integrate Modular Mezzanines with all the Equipto systems to provide the complete storage solution.

The mezzanines with the perforated decking make ideal machinery platforms.  These Machinery platforms can be used indoors or outdoors.

Prefabricated mezzanines from Equipto meet OSHA. BOCA, UBC, Seismic, and other codes,  and support 150 lbs. per sq. ft. or more of uniformly distributed weight.

The mezzanines below are priced complete with decking, railing, landing, a lift gate and an OSHA stairway. 

Note: The mezzanines listed below are 8' or 12; high.  Also available mezzanines at  10'  high.

Mezzanine or Machinery Platform with Perforated Grating Floor

Part Number List Price Our Price
 8 X 12 X 8H  1208-8GMEZ-PG-15 $10,280.69 $6,271.22
 10 X 10 X 8H  1010-8GMEZ-PG-15 $10,047.65 $6,129.07
 10 X 20 X 8H  1020-8GMEZ-PG-15 $16,192.29 $9,877.30
 8 X 12 X 12H  1208-12GMEZ-PG-15 $12,526.68 $7,641.28
 10 X 10 X 12H  1010-12GMEZ-PG-15 $12,293.64 $7,499.12
 10 X 20 X 12H  1020-12GMEZ-PG-15 $18,542.05 $11,310.65

Mezzanine or Machinery Platform with Bar Grating Floor

 8 X 12 X 8H  1208-8GMEZ-BG-15 $10,982.37 $6,699.24
 10 X 20 X 8H  1020-8GMEZ-BG-15 $17,682.21 $10,786.15
 10 X 10 X 8H  1010-8GMEZ-BG-15 $11,006.85 $6,714.18
 8 X 12 X 12H  1208-12GMEZ-BG-15 $13,228.36 $8,069.30
 10 X 20 X 12H  1020-12GMEZ-BG-15 $20,031.96 $12,219.50
 10 X 10 X 12H   1010-12GMEZ-BG-15 $13,252.84 $8,084.23

Mezzanine with Bar Tuffdeck Flooring

 10 X 20 X 8H  1020-8GMEZ-RT-15 $18,070.68 $11,023.12
 10 X 10 X 8H  1010-8GMEZ-RT-15 $11,747.59 $7,166.03
  8 X 12 X 8H  1208-8GMEZ-RT-15 $11,334.24 $6,913.89
 10 X 20 X 12H  1020-12GMEZ-RT-15 $20,420.44 $12,456.47
 10 X 10 X 12H  1010-12GMEZ-RT-15 $13,993.59 $8,536.09
  8 X 12 X 12H  1208-12GMEZ-RT-15 $13,580.23 $8,283.94

Mezzanine or Machinery Platform with Solid Steel Floor

 10 X 10 X 8H  1010-8GMEZ-SG-15 $10,042.60 $6,125.98
 10 X 20 X 8H  1020-8GMEZ-SG-15 $16,187.83 $9,874.58
 8 X 12 X 8H  1208-8GMEZ-SG-15 $10,276.11 $6,268.43
 10 X 10 X 12H  1010-12GMEZ-SG-15 $12,288.59 $7,496.04
 10 X 20 X 12H   1020-12GMEZ-SG-15 $18,537.59 $11,307.93
 8 X 12 X 12H  1208-12GMEZ-SG-15 $12,522.10 $7,638.48
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