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Live Roller Conveyor

This general class of conveyor is probably the most common style found in manufacturing and distribution environments.  To highlight a few of the styles we integrate :

Lineshaft Conveyor– individual rollers are driven by twisted conveyor belts coupled to a drive shaft that runs down the length of the conveyor frame, typically under slung to one side.  This is very flexible style of conveyor known for it’s economies in motors required, accumulation zone capability and slave driven divert mechanisms.  Very well suited to manufacturing work cell automation and divert intensive applications in warehouse and distribution environments. 

Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyor (BDLR)–driven by a common flat belt running underneath the rollers, traditionally in fairly long straight runs.  This style is generally used in transportation in warehouses where divert and accumulation requirements are minimal.  Variations of accumulation styles are available and diverters are usually external and independently driven 

Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor (CDLR) – driven by a roller chain that closely couples the rollers mechanically, one to another.  Traditionally used with heavy loads where very positive drive is required such as pallet conveyance or handling metal components in mass.

Electrical Motor Roller Drive Conveyor – this relatively new style uses specialty drive rollers with self-contained motor.  Usually one drive roller powers several neighboring passive rollers by the means of connecting belts forming and independent drive zone.  This conveyor is extremely well suited where noise, power consumption and changes to conveyor layout are important.  Self contained motor controllers are often built within the conveyor frames providing an almost plug and play modularity to the sections.

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