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Mobile Aisle Shelving System
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    Mobile Aisle Shelving System

    Utilizes NSF approve chrome wire shelving
    Inexpensive installation compared to other mobile aisle solutions.
    Available in top track or bottom track versions
    Perfect for labs, hospitals, pharmacies and restaurants
    Anywhere space is at a premium!
Recover wasted floor space and turn aisles into more storage area with this Mobile Aisle shelving. Completely modular system comes on tracks letting you move shelves as you need access to stored contents. System includes (5) four-shelf 72"H units, track, and roller assemblies. “Step-on/step-off” brake locks units in place while loading and retrieving. Tracks are not bolted down making system easy to reposition or expand. Chrome-plated open wire shelves maximize visibility and airflow, and hold up to 500 lbs. each. IN STOCK.

36" x 18"

EAList Price: $2295.40
Our price: $2226.54

48" x 18"

EAList Price: $2649.60
Our price: $2570.11

60" x 18"

EAList Price: $2960.10
Our price: $2871.30

36" x 24"

EAList Price: $2682.95
Our price: $2602.46

48" x 24"

EAList Price: $3059.00
Our price: $2967.23

60" x 24"

EAList Price: $3501.75
Our price: $3396.70

72" x 24"

EAList Price: $4080.20
Our price: $3957.79

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Mobile Aisle shelving system