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EP Industrial Power Lift
Electric manual stacker is designed for the in-between handing application that requires power lift, but do not require drive.
Moves large bulky crates and skids easily.
Integrated hydraulic system(pump, valve) with heavy-duty 12 volt battery with build-in 12 amp fully automatic battery charge
and heavy-duty plug in cord. Plugs in to 110 v outlet.
With flow control valve located at base of lift cylinder that regulates lowering speed for safety.
Masts are fitted with heavy-duty roller bearing.
Heavy-duty chain with over 5 times capacity.
With drivers safety screen.
Floor lock/ brake that keeps stacker steady when lowering or lifting a load also for driver safety.
Battery capacity indicator.
Fully Adjustable fork lift stacker
Safety Screen to protect workers
Adjustable Base -
(lbs.) 2200
Height 118"

H x W x L 80 x 53.5 x 66"
Fork Length 42"
Forks Outside width 42.5 to 53.5"
Product No. VEMS-2200-118-FA
4347.00 $4347.00

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