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This general class of equipment is typically an array of closely coupled, high density diverters used to sort cartons/totes to specific transportation lanes / chutes for consolidation and/or shipping functions.  There are many different styles within this product class.  Here are a just a few for general information.

 Popup wheel – This class of sorter is usually based around a Slider Bed conveyor with diverters comprised of arrays of wheels that drive the load off onto a spur when actuated to contact the bottom of the load, slightly above the belts surface.

 Steerable wheel – Similar to Popup wheel, the diverter wheels variably skew allowing a greater degree of control and the opportunity for diverts left and right at a diverter location.

Narrow Belt Sorter  Using the same principles as the wheel Popup and Steerable wheel sorters, transport down the length of the sorter is performed by an array of narrow, evenly spaced belts. This allows for a clean division between transport and diverter.

Small Item Sorters - Using the same technologies as their bigger cousins, the small item sorters are in a class of their own.  These machines are well suited to E-distribution applications of like sized small items, such as video cassettes and CDs.  Many styles are available newer innovations are using micro-belt technologies with very high rate capabilities.

Shoe (or Slat) Sorters – Used in high rate carton sortation applications such as loading dock areas of large distribution centers  Named after the sliding ‘pucks’ that guide loads off the main sorter, typically down conveyor lanes or chutes, these machines are the fastest in their class.



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