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Husky Pallet Rack
    Ships in 2 Days! • Welded upright frames • Pre-configured starters and add-ons • Upright frame capacities from 10,400 to 25,000 lbs. • Patented Bowlock®safety clip securely attaches beam to upright Here’s a vast selection of in-stock racking ready to ship immediately! Rugged, high-strength steel construction allows 2" beam adjustability. One-piece tubular beams feature a continuous seam weld. A minimum of 2 pairs of beams are required for each storage bay. Safety certified 55,000 lbs. psi minimum yield high-strength steel used throughout. Upright frames include foot plates. Complete starters include 2 upright frames, 4 solid beams, and 4 wire decks. Add-ons include 1 upright frame, 4 solid beams, and 4 wire decks. Heavy-duty foot plates are available for seismic requirements. Polyurethane paint finish on upright frames and beams. Color: orange beams and green upright frames.
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Wireway Husky Rack Pallet Rack Systems
Husky Rack Part NumberProduct No.Weight Cap. Per LevelBeam Cap. per Pr.Beam Cap. Lbs. PairWt. lbs.Overall WxDxHSale Price
Complete Pallet Rack Starter unit Featuring Wireway Husky Pallet racks and
Wire Decks  
183609639096DSYP-30504,0004,0004,00025496" x 36" x 96"EAList Price: $681.25
Our price: $671.44
On Sale: $490.50
183609643096DSYP-30516,0006,0006,00026896" x 36" x 96"EAList Price: $706.25
Our price: $696.08
On Sale: $508.50
184209639096DSYP-30524,0004,0004,00027196" x 42" x 96"EAList Price: $708.75
Our price: $698.54
On Sale: $510.30
184209643096DSYP-30536,0006,0006,00028496" x 42" x 96"EAList Price: $736.25
Our price: $725.65
On Sale: $530.10
184809639096DSYP-30544,0004,0004,00028896" x 48" x 96"EAList Price: $745.00
Our price: $734.27
On Sale: $536.40
184809643096DSYP-30556,0006,0006,00030196" x 48" x 96"EAList Price: $767.50
Our price: $756.45
On Sale: $552.60
183609643120DSYP-30564,7004,7004,700315120" x 36" x 96"EAList Price: $795.00
Our price: $783.55
On Sale: $572.40
184209643120DSYP-30574,7004,7004,700335120" x 42" x 96"EAList Price: $841.25
Our price: $829.14
On Sale: $605.70
184809643120DSYP-30584,7004,7004,700355120" x 48" x 96"EAList Price: $880.00
Our price: $867.33
On Sale: $633.60
183612039096DSYP-30594,0004,0004,00027796" x 36" x 120"EAList Price: $757.50
Our price: $746.59
On Sale: $545.40
183612043096DSYP-30606,0006,0006,00029096" x 36" x 120"EAList Price: $783.75
Our price: $772.46
On Sale: $564.30
184212039096DSYP-30614,0004,0004,00029496" x 42" x 120"EAList Price: $787.50
Our price: $776.16
On Sale: $567.00
184212043096DAYP-30626,0006,0006,00030896" x 42" x 120"EAList Price: $811.25
Our price: $799.57
On Sale: $584.10
 183612043120DSYP-30634,7004,7004,700338120" x 36" x 120" Click on the Product No(s). below to view further information and order now!

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