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Motorized Vinyl Roll-Up Doors See more Dock Equipment | printable version

  • Low cost, medium duty alternative to expensive high speed roll-up doors.
  • Reduces heat loss.
Clear window allows light into work areas. Portable optional wireless door controls attach to forklift for operator control and to control roll-up doors from multiple locations. Helps reduce noise from adjacent areas. Controls airborne contaminants. Separates inside work areas. Discourages intruders. Constructed using Flame retardant materials including 18 oz. reinforced upper and lower sections (meets NFPA-701) and a 40 mil PVC clear center windowed section (Meets CA. Fire Marshal Retardancy Test). All seams are double lock stitched using mildew/rot resistant thread – all edges are completely finished. Standard toggle switch control included on Motorized door. Header mounting included on all doors. Available in Gray, Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow or White -- please specify when ordering. All vinyl (no window) is optional -- please specify when ordering. Not a recommended door where wind load or pressure diferential exists. See Drawtite Doors for those applications. FOB Shipping Point.

Outside Stand-Off Mounting Available -- please contact dealer for pricing.

Common Features of Motorized/Spring Assist Doors

Breakaway Feature
Prevents damage to door or guide track. Easy to reset back into the track.

Motorized Door Track
EPDM seals on both sides ensure a tight seal at vertical edges.

Extrusion N-Roller
Custom extruded track with reinforced section. Rollers are trapped in an extruded cavity. Heavy duty rollers provide smooth operation motion.

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Product No. Size W x H Wt. (lbs.) Price Ea.
MOTORIZED 6" per second
VRUMT8X8 8 x 8' 57
List Price: $2986.20
Our price: $2866.75
VRUMT8X9 8 x 9' 59
List Price: $3074.40
Our price: $2951.42
VRUMT8X10 8 x10' 64
List Price: $3112.20
Our price: $2987.71
VRUMT9X9 9 x 9' 64
List Price: $3136.14
Our price: $3010.69
VRUMT9X10 9 x 10' 67
List Price: $3175.20
Our price: $3048.19
VRUMT10X8 10 x 8' 63
List Price: $3097.08
Our price: $2973.20
VRUMT10X10 10 x 10' 71
List Price: $3238.20
Our price: $3108.67
VRUMT10X12 10 x 12' 78
List Price: $3320.10
Our price: $3187.30
VRUMT10X14 10 x 14' 86
List Price: $3452.40
Our price: $3314.30
VRUMT12X10 12 x 10' 77
List Price: $3355.38
Our price: $3221.16
VRUMT12X12 12 x 12' 85
List Price: $3452.40
Our price: $3314.30
VRUMT12X14 12 x 14' 93
List Price: $3597.30
Our price: $3453.41
VRUMT14X14 14 x 14' 101
List Price: $3743.46
Our price: $3593.72
VRUSA8X8 8 x 8' 59
List Price: $2043.72
Our price: $1961.97
VRUSA8X9 8 x 9' 61
List Price: $2131.92
Our price: $2046.64
VRUSA8X10 8 x10' 66
List Price: $2169.72
Our price: $2082.93
VRUSA9X9 9 x 9' 66
List Price: $2193.66
Our price: $2105.91
VRUSA9X10 9 x 10" 65
List Price: $2233.98
Our price: $2144.62
VRUSA10X8 10 x 8' 65
List Price: $2154.60
Our price: $2068.42
VRUSA10X10 10 x 10" 68
List Price: $2296.98
Our price: $2205.10
VRUSA10X12 10 x 12" 72
List Price: $2425.50
Our price: $2328.48
VRUSA12X10 12 x 10" 77
List Price: $2422.98
Our price: $2326.06
VRUSA12X12 12 x 12" 80
List Price: $2421.72
Our price: $2324.85
For sized other than shown above, please contact dealer. 12"/sec, 36"/sec and Chainhost available, please contact dealer. Outside Stand-Off Mounting available for Motorized or Spring Assist doors -- please contact dealer for pricing.

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